A lot of the casting speculation around Batman Vs Superman the last week has been decidedly more superhero-focused, like who’s playing Nightwing and Wonder Woman. Lost in the hustle is the real question in Superman casting, who’s playing Lex Luthor? The Man of Steel’s biggest bad was decidedly absent from the Man of Steel movie (although there were hints we was around), so it’s all but certain he’ll play a part in the sequel, but who will fill his decidedly evil shoes? A new answer has emerged, and it maybe that those shoes will be filled by an actor best known for being a pig-hunting man of mystery with an unhealthy attachment to a mystical island in the South Pacific…

Yes fans, the latest possi-Luther is none other than Terry O’Quinn. As reported by the Superman Super Site, O’Quinn’s name has emerged as a contender thanks to some sources close to the production in Detroit. If true, O’Quinn is the latest in a somewhat short line of potential Lexes followed by frontrunner Bryan Cranston, and the once mentioned Bradley Cooper. Christopher Meloni was once thought to be portraying Luthor in Man of Steel, but it turned out he was playing the part of Col. Hardy instead.

As for O’Quinn he has ample experience as a bad guy – The Stepfather films, Millennium, Earth 2, Harsh Realm, 666 Park Avenue and the latter seasons of Lost – and as a corporate titan (he played Howard Hughes in The Rocketeer). He’s an experienced and obviously very talented character actor, and he would be an interesting choice for Lex Luthor. What’s especially interesting though is that discounting Cooper, the frontrunners for Lex are, ahem, older gentlemen; Cranston is 57 and O’Quinn is 61. Both, I think, are sound choices and it may all come down to availability.

We’ll have more news as it develops. Batman Vs Superman comes out July 2015.

Source: Cinema Blend

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