When Star Wars Episode VII was announced, everyone was hopeful for the return of the three main protagonists of the first trilogy, but it doesn’t seem like such a sure thing anymore. Harrison Ford’s casting in Star Wars Episode VII was up in the air in a while (it’s finally been confirmed), but now, Mark Hamill‘s status as Luke Skywalker is in question, according to Samuel L. Jackson.

During an interview on David Letterman, Samuel L. Jackson got to talking about the Star Wars sequel, revealing that he hadn’t heard anything about reprising his role from the previous movies, and neither had Mark Hamill or Ewan McGregor. It’s not really a surprise that Jackson won’t be returning, considering his death in Episode III, and this movie’s connection to the original trilogy more so than the prequels, but it is sort of a shock that Hamill hasn’t been contacted by Abrams to reprise the role of Skywalker, especially when we heard rumblings that he’d be returning when the movie was first announced.

I understand McGregor and Jackson not being in contact with Abrams, but I can’t imagine that they’d have Ford return, only to leave out the main character of the original trilogy. Maybe Hamill heard about Jackson giving away that little bit about Emily Olsen as Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and didn’t want it to get out that he was in talks with Abrams after all.

So, Nerd Bastard readers, do you think we’ll end up seeing Mark Hamill return to the Star Wars franchise in 2015? Do you think we’ll see a long shot in Jackson and McGregor returning?



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