November 23rd is less than a week away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. What’s a fandom without merchandising? Ten years ago had you told me there’d be Doctor Who t-shirts, socks, robes, soap dispensers, coffee mugs, string lights, action figures, lunch boxes–I’d think you mad. Doctor Who has always had a strong fan following, the Fourth Doctor’s scarf was a big seller, but it was never popular enough to warrant the kind of merchandising your see from Star Trek and Stars Wars. That is, until now.

Very quickly Doctor Who has become one of the most marketable geek brands around. Basically, if you want it, I’d bet you could find it in TARDIS blue, probably even with a TARDIS decal or two. In celebration of Doctor Who becoming such a hot commodity, here’s a few of my favorite Whovian wares and where you can get them,


Doctor Who t-shirts are everywhere! Seriously, I can just about guarantee any t-shirt site you frequent has at least one Who shirt. These costume shirts from Forbidden Planet, available in every incarnation of The Doctor, are by far my favorite. Not only can you own one for each Doctor, but they offer multiples for those Doctor who wore varied looks, like the Third and Fourth, plus t-shirts for other characters like the Brigadier and Captain Jack Harkness! Everyday cosplay the Whovian way!


A great one-stop shop for all your Whovian needs is, and has been for years prior to Who‘s resurgence in popularity, Who North America. They offer pretty much anything Doctor Who you can imagine, including this absolutely must have Dalek Mr. Potato Head. And if you ever find yourself near Indianapolis, hit up Who NA to see if they’re in the office and you can check our their amazing collection of Who memorabilia!


Ashley Eckstein has made herself the queen of nerd apparel for the ladies. Her clothing line, Her Universe, started out offering Star Wars designs specifically for women but it’s only grown to include Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, and of course, Doctor Who. I’ve bought several items from Her Universe and love them all, especially my TARDIS dress. In addition to the official Her Universe site you can also buy their stuff at Hot Topic.


The grand-daddy of geek merchandise, Think Geek, offers a huge variety of Whovian things. From the programmable universal remotes, available as either Ten or Eleven‘s sonic screwdriver, to their TARDIS bathrobes, mini fridge, cookie jar, teapot, and night light, Think Geek has it all. Plus, if the $100 price tag on those universal remotes is too high, you can always grab a sonic screwdriver tooth brush.


Lastly, if you want to own the most iconic and recognizable bit of Who merchandise, you need to get yourself one incredibly long, impractical Fourth Doctor scarf. There are dozens of different version of this scarf, both official or homemade, available all over the interwebz, but the number one place to learn about them all is (go figure). Whether you’re looking to buy one, possibly one a little shorter than the original’s insane 12 feet, or take on the arduous task of knitting your own, this is the site for you.

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