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Arrow has been, overall, an enjoyable superhero romp. When it’s good, it’s great, and even when it’s not so good it still manages to be enjoyable in that, “Jeez, this is terrible but I can’t look away” kind of way. (You’d have know all about this had you been following along with my recap/reviews.) Through it all one of the biggest gripes about Arrow was Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) ridiculous green eye shadow, which they chose to give him instead of a proper crime fighter mask. Finally, that oversight has been righted.

Amell tweeted the above picture along with the line, “#Arrow Now with a little more Green,” obviously hinting at the character’s evolution from hooded vigilante to straight up superhero. Entertainment Weekly broke the news and shared these photos of Ollie’s new mask earlier today.

Arrow Mask -- exclusive image

Looks pretty snazzy. I especially like the arrow-like design on the bridge of the nose. As of right now, countless Arrow cosplayers are memorizing every detail.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW the change from stupid face paint to physical mask was always in the works, not influenced by fans spouting hate,

Conceptually, it was something we wanted to do because Oliver himself is evolving as the Arrow–  from vigilante to hero, sort of from Arrow to Green Arrow — and we wanted to see that progression in his costume as well. As Oliver is embracing being a hero, being a hero means stepping out of the dark and being more of a symbol, so he has to stake steps to conceal his identity more.

Sure… you guys didn’t see a single one of those comments talking crap about the Arrow not wearing a mask. Uh huh…

Whatever the reason, I’m happy to see Ollie taking his secret identity seriously. It should have been mask from day one. And thank the gods for Greg Berlanti! Another of Arrow‘s producers, Berlanti had the smarts to talk the team out the Schumacher-esque designs they initially pitched,

A lot of our early attempts were very, shall I say, Joel Schumacher-esque. And it was really Greg who said not to overcomplicate it. And I think what’s so wonderful about the design that Maya [Mani] came up with is that it really is very simple, and it feels as if it’s been part of his costume since the beginning…once we finally had this mask and put it on Stephen [Amell], even Stephen was like, ‘This is the right one.

The mask, as well as a plot-heavy reason for wearing it, will debut in the December 11th episode of Arrow. What do you think of Arrow finally masking it up? About damn time, right?

Source: EW

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