If you’ve been following along at home, what you are about to read counts and the first real news about the still untitled Man of Steel sequel (commonly -but not officially- called Batman vs. Superman) since learning that Bats would be played by Ben Affleck and the announcement that WB/DC was making the  film. Producer (as in actual producer for the movie, not just a producerCharles Roven spoke to Variety and had actual honest to goodness real information to say about the project. 

So what did he have to say? Well if you are looking for the current round of rumors to be confirmed or dispelled you’re going to have to continue to wait, they are still in early stages by the sounds of it. For one the movie is set to begin production in February, ‘soft-prep’ on the project started in June and has been continuing since then (I guess filming a Football scene falls into the ‘soft-prep’ category.) Deborah Snyder has returned to co-produce with Roven and that, at least to a certain degree, they were sowing the seeds for BvS in Man of Steel.

“We felt that we accomplished our goals with ‘Man of Steel.’ Our intention was to bring Superman into the 21st century with a contemporary character and a different kind of superhero than what’s out there right now. We knew we had created a world and we had left Easter eggs in the movie that let people know that in the universe that Zack (Snyderwas creating, there was the possibility of other DC characters besides Clark Kent. We had a sketch of an idea, the beats of a story that David Goyer worked on with Zack. We have a first draft, and we’re continuing to work with it. Those scripts are never fully finished until the movie is in the theaters. We love the characters — we think that Ben (Affleck) is going to be a really great and interesting Batman.”

In fact, a bit later on in the interview Roven went all in on the setting hearts and minds at ease with the whole BatFleck deal, clarifying that Ben’s Bats will be experienced and that we, the fans, will enjoy their choice for the new Dark Knight.

“We wanted a guy who had a certain age and a certain gravitas to what he had done in terms of his recent work. If you take a look at ‘The Town’ and ‘Argo,’ he plays a couple of serious guys in those movies. He’s a big man. He’s also a mature man. As you see him and Henry (Cavill) together, one definitely has much more experience just by looking at him. That’s what we wanted, particularly juxtaposed against our Superman.”

I know, I know. This does little to satiate the seemingly endless hunger for news on the movie, nor does it do anything to squash the current rumors circulating the internet. Still it is nice to have something actually official, right? And hey now we know cameras officially start to roll in a couple of months meaning our first round of leaked set photos featuring  Superman, a new Batman and possibly half a dozen other DC Comics characters if that small army of anonymous sources are to be believed.

I am now offering a $45 bounty on a blurry picture of Matt Damon dressed as Aquaman. To arms, Internet rumor army!


Source: Variety

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