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Above: Merida dressed as Hawkeye… I think I’m in love. Inspired by Brianna Garcia‘s illustration, Lisa Marie‘s cosplay is spot on. Sure, it may be just a Hawkeye suit worn with a curly, red wig, but there’s nothing simple about nailing that attitude. Photos by Kerry-lee Photography. [Fashionably Geek


I disagree clever inscription, this is exactly the chair I’m looking for. Either left natural or with a sweet paint job, I need this adirondack chair by Paul Ryan of Xtinct 3D Design in my life. [Nerd Approved]

trippy-star-wars-sweatshirtAnd while I’m lounging in my sweet R2-D2 adirondack chair I want to be wearing this outlandish and hideous Star Wars sweatshirt. ‘Cause I do what I want! [Geekologie]


As evident by my including two Disney Princesses mashups in our favorite Doctor Who mashups, I’m a sucker for Disney Princesses. So of course I’m sharing these insanely cool designs of the Disney Princesses as Final Fantasy characters. Created by Geryes see the whole line up on Geeks Are Sexy.

ps4Yup. Watching Netflix is 90% of what my PS3 does. Can’t see my future with the PS4 being any different. [Dorkly]


Yeah… sure… that isn’t nightmare inducing or anything. Emma Watson poses with a creepy Hermione wax statue. Tweets for all to share. [The Mary Sue]


The accuracy in this Sesame Street Hunger Games: Catching Fire parody is surprising. I mean, come one, Pita–that’s hilarious, and I can’t believe I never caught it before.

Byran Cranston pulls a Newhart to reveal Breaking Bad was really just a terrible nightmare of Malcolm’s father, Hal. [/Film]


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