Way back in the days before Netflix and free internet streams, Comedy Central would hold a marathon on Thanksgiving Day of episode after episode, bad movie after bad movie, of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It made for a glorious afternoon. Then they committed sacrilege in 1997 when they canceled the annual holiday event, but this year MST3K creator, Joel Hodgson is bringing it back.

This Thanksgiving at 9 am PT/12 noon ET settle in for six episodes of MST3K by visiting where the episodes will be streamed… for FREE. That’s right, FREE. Can’t get any better or clearer than that.

On top of offering a free MST3K marathon, Hodgson, who’ll host the event, is also taking suggestions for which episodes to stream via his Twitter. So far, front runners seem to be Space Mutiny, Pod People, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, and… Mitchell! All classics, and all episodes I’d be happy to sit comatose on the couch and watch.

What MST3K episodes are you itchin’ to rewatch this Turkey Day?

Source: EW via io9

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