Sick and tired of all the Doctor Who, yet? Hope not, we’re only in the beginning of a Who week! We’ve been counting down the days until the 50th anniversary, we even toyed with the blasphemous thought of an American Doctor, and we’ve been sharing basically everything and anything Doctor Who we can get our hands on. As if that isn’t enough, here’s some more clips, trailers, and treats.

Lots of fans are beside themselves with excitement over seeing David Tennant in the TARDIS again. He’s equally excited about reprising the role which only makes the whole occasion more fun. Bursting with excitement, Tennant introduces “The Day of the Doctor” in this clip,

See! Exciting! Look how excited he is! This is gonna rock.

Continuing where we left off yesterday is a clip of Eleven (Matt Smith) and Clara (Jenna Coleman), reunited,

Of course, “The Day of the Doctor” isn’t the only 50th anniversary celebration planned, there’s also Mark GatissAn Adventure in Space and Time, starring David Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell. I’m almost–almost looking forward to this docu-drama more than I am the proper anniversary special. Everything about it looks excellent, from the period dress to the perfect casting to the opportunity to see the early days of Who! And because I’m so excited, here’s three trailers,

And a clip,

Thanks again to Doctor Who TV for their top notch Who coverage!

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