In a move that wouldn’t even register as a big deal for any other company, DC Comics has trademarked a Nightwing logo for the purposes of merchandising. Described as “Nightwing” emblazoned on a bat, not unlike the character’s current New 52 logo (above), this logo has been trademarked for use on clothing, accessories and toys. Basically, everything from t-shirts to Christmas ornaments.

Now, I like Nightwing and all, always found him an interesting progression for Dick Grayson, but I never thought he was popular enough to warrant a merchandising trademark like DC’s other big names. What could be the reason, hmm?

Could it be the rumored appearance of Nightwing on Arrow? Sparked by Vampire Diaries star, Steven McQueen, tweeting a picture of himself training in a tank top with original Nightwing logo, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the former Robin to appear on the CW show. Then again, is that enough of a reason or DC to trademark a logo?

Probably not, leading many to believe this only further fuels the fire around Nightwing appearing in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman. Something the actor already linked to role, Adam Driver, has denied. Not that actors denying involvement is anything new, and even if Driver’s not their man, Nightwing, or rather Dick Grayson could still appear.

What are you Bastards thinking? More evidence DC is preparing to introduce Nightwing to a larger audience?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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