Lifeguards and podcasters by day and private dicks/chat show wannabes at night, this is BastardCast Nights, the talk show edition of The BastardCast with not one but TWO guests! A guy who makes movies and another guy who gives pain.

This time on BastardCast Nights we chat with director Phil Morrison about his new film (All is Bright, featuring Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti) debate reality in film, remember Junebug, and reminisce about his days in the woods with the Upright Citizens Brigade and the creation of “ass-penny”

Also on the show, Machete Kills and Violet and Daisy star Danny Trejo talks to us about the chances for a Machete 3, his working relationship with Robert Rodriguez and whether he’ll be in the Dusk Till Dawn TV show.

All that and more on BastardCast Nights

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BastardCast Nights: We’re not really going to call it that.

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