Harrison Ford on David Blaine Real or Magic

When it comes to magic, I’ve always been the guy to ruin everyone’s fun by calling shenanigans and doing my best to explain how tricks were done. I want people to take the red pill and see the truth. I am THAT guy. I was/am magics worst enemy. I do on rare occasion, though, turn my bullshit meter off and get lost in a performance or two and smile at stunned/wide eyed audiences. There’s only one magician I do this for. No, it’s not Chris Angel. He’s a douche. I have a liking to David Blaine. A worldwide recognized illusionist known for his street performances, high-profile acts of survival and for his quite-crazy persona. The one thing I like about Blaine is that he’s not one of those comically over the top stage magicians with bimbo assistants and flair for dramatics. Fuck all that. Blaine is a practitioner of bullshit, but at least he’s personal about it. All his tricks are up close, and in direct contact with a person or persons. His straightforwardness makes the performance an easier sell, at least to me anyway. Anyhoozle, David Blaine has been stopping by celeb homes to perform illusions for his recent TV special David Blaine: Real or Magic. Most have responded with great spirit, but arguably the best reaction is Harrison Ford’s. Watch the clip below to see why Harrison is a man to love…

I suspected “Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me” type joke from Ford, but never would have I imagined him to say “get the fuck out of my house!”. That’s priceless. On the other hand, could we have expected anything less from the man that played Han Solo and Indiana Jones?

Ford wasn’t the only celeb to get hoodwinked by Blaine in last night’s ABC show. Vulture, which posted the video above, has compiled GIFs of all of the big celebrity reactions, from Jon Stewart to Kanye West to Will “Final Countdown” Arnett himself. Check it out, it’s pretty funny. Afterwards, you may want to watch “Breaking the Magicians Code” or hit up Google to see how his tricks/stunts were done. That is, if you’re a person who seeks the truth.


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