Okay, at this point, even I’m beginning to feel a little burnt out on all the Doctor Who. Not enough to stop watching and sharing every new video or clip, mind you, this addiction is hard to kick, but even I can recognize they’re inundating us with teases for the 50th anniversary. Only three more days to go, however, so once more unto the breach, dear Whovians!

I’ll be upfront and tell you this minisode, “The Last Day“, isn’t nearly as epic or game-changing as “The Night of the Doctor”, but it does offer us our first glimpse of the Time War. That alone makes it worth the 3+ minutes of your time it’ll take to watch.

From them flat out naming the setting as Arcadia this must be the beginning of its fall, and where The Doctor, or the War Doctor, will play a vital role. And I’ll wager this Dalek invasion is what brings it down. Also, does the headcam soldier remind anyone of the people in The Library after they were eaten by the Vashta Nerada? Just a skull in a spacesuit. What did you think? Any other clues you could pick out?

Next is yet another clip from the 50th special, “The Day of the Doctor.” They’re really over-killing it with these clips, aren’t they? I’m not even going to watch this one, but it’s obviously from the quite public filming they did in Trafalger’s Square.

I lied. I watched it. I can’t help it! It’s a serious addiction, all right. At least it’s only a six second tease, and doesn’t give much away we haven’t already seen in pictures or the trailer.

As if you need reminding, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special airs this Saturday, November 23rd. Since it’ll be simulcast worldwide, check your local listings for airtime.

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