For some reason, and I’m guilty of this as well, we all want to hold our movies and television shows accountable for their realism and accuracy. Have you ever wondered how accurately the Green Arrow is portrayed as an experienced archer on Arrow?

Well, you should all be happy to know that, when it comes to Stephen Amell, his form is legit– and that’s coming from a professional archer. Carla Companion, an archer from New Hampshire, gave her evaluation in an interview with, where she gave her stamp of approval.

The only thing I see wrong is that he keeps it drawn forever, with ease, while facing someone else at gunpoint. To have the killing power that the bow must have, that would be incredibly difficult to do. His form otherwise is great, actually.

That’s not a too bad of a complaint for a show that is more primarily focused on general ass kicking, and not so much how the ass kicking gets done. Amell has said in a previous interview that he’s practiced archery on her own, but he’s never actually been allowed to shoot an arrow on the show, pointing out that it’s obviously extremely dangerous to shoot a bow and arrow on set, and that most arrows on the show are CGI. That form, though, that’s all him.

On the topic of the battle between The Dark Archer and Ollie, however, Companion points out a flaw in the choreography.

Good form overall. The only thing I am not believing in the finale is the speed at which [Malcolm Merlyn] is loading his bows, but that’s just movie stretching. It’s completely possible to fire that many with [Oliver Queen’s] bow.

That’s an interesting point, but I think that the reality of Merlyn loading too fast is sort of overlooked by the fact that they’re shooting each other’s arrows out of the air. I mean, sure, that’s possible I guess, but incredibly unlikely.

All in all, it looks like what we’ve seen on Arrow, as far as that actual arrows go, is pretty realistic, which makes me feel better for some reason. Sure, Officer Lance couldn’t see Oliver’s face when they were standing two feet away from each other in a well-lit room, but at least his archery form is good. Baby steps.

Oh, and if you wanted to see that interview where Stephen Amell talks about his archery training on the weekends, here ya go:

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