Sony Says Spider-Man Movie Spin-offs Likely


Do your best to act surprised – Sony plans to grow the Spider-Man movie universe and give some screen time to “new heroes and villains”.

At its Entertainment Investor Day event today, head of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal revealed that spin-offs are coming and they will be mining “Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters.” Will this go past the build-up to Sinister Six we’ve all been anticipating? Is it Sony’s way of preparing for a Spider-Man universe without Andrew Garfield? He is only under contract for three films after all.

As Sony looks to copy what Marvel and Fox are doing with universe expansion, no-brainers like Venom and Black Cat quickly come to mind as candidates for features. But how far do the boundaries of this world stretch on paper? Long before characters like Cloak and Dagger were retconned into mutants, they were regulars in the Peter Parker comic series. Are we heading for a gritty newsroom drama revolving around J. Jonah Jameson?

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it can’t be long before we start seeing more details. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be old news by early May 2014. Is it too early to start hoping for some announcements at San Diego Comic Con in July?

If you’re really into Power Point presentations and horribly told jokes, you can watch the Sony Presentation in its entirety HERE.

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