It’s a renaissance for race car movies! Coming soon from Dreamworks is an adaptation of Need for Speed, Legendary Pictures is developing a movie based on Hot Wheels, and let’s not forget the Fast and Furious franchise (even though it’s less about car racing now), so it only makes sense that Sony is trying to put its own racing flick into development, an adaptation of the Gran Turismo. Interested? Well, it all begins with the script, and to tell the adventures of… cars… racing, Watchmen co-writer Alex Tse has been tasked with its development.

So what’s the plot of the Gran Turismo movie going to be? Damned if I know. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be up to Tse to determine the direction for this Playstation adaptation. There is already an impressive pedigree behind the film though, the producing partnership of Michael De Luca, Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti who made The Social Network and the recent hit Captain Phillips. The Gran Turismo series has made nearly $70 million, not the most successful game series, but still pretty successful. The sixth Gran Turismo games comes out sometime later this year.

As for Tse he has plenty of experience with nerdy material. Aside from penning Watchmen with Zack Snyder, Tse has also been attached to the remakes of The Crow and Highlander, and the adaptations of the graphic novel Battling Boy and the anime Ninja Scroll.

So what direction will they go in? Good question. How do you make a movie out of a car racing game? Well, they made a movie out of Lego and Battleship, so anything’s possible. More news as it develops.

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