Time to dig those early issues of Sleeper out of your longboxes (again)!

Variety reports that this latest attempt at adapting Ed Brubaker’s noir/crime series will be produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. You may remember Sam Raimi and Tom Cruise being attached to a film adaptation back in 2008. Their interest waned after about a year of distractions and script rewrites.

Warner Bros. brings some hefty writing talent as well with Shawn Ryan (The Shield, the very underappreciated Terriers) and David Wiener (The Killing) on screenplay duty.

Sleeper tells the story of Holden Carver serving as a super-powered undercover agent attempting to take down the villain Tao’s crime organization. It launched in 2003 under DC’s Wildstorm imprint and covered the usual espionage territory of double agents, betrayal and being trapped under cover, with a few twists like superpowers and extraterrestrial technology.

It will be interesting to see if the series actually uses the villains featured in the comics. Alan Moore created the Tao character in his Wild C.A.T.S. run, so maybe we’ll get to see him swear off DC comics one more time. If Warner does use Tao, artist Travis Charest is likely in for a hell of a payday.

Source: Variety

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