Here’s an interesting rumor despite your opinion about remakes, but the latest name attached to The Crow remake is none other than Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Now Reedus won’t be playing the part of Eric Draven, that spots already been in filled (rumor has it) by Lee Evans, so Reedus, sources say, will be playing the role of “James.” So who is “James,” what does it mean, and who might the production be looking at to play the part of Shelly? Read on.

According to Schmoes Know, they have a source that says Reedus is close to signing on to the film as “James,” and who that might be, is unknown. As you well know, the story, based on James O’Barr’s graphic novel,  follows Draven who is resurrected to seek vengeance on the bad guys who killed him and his fiance Shelly, the part was played by Brandon Lee in the 1994 film The Crow. Could “James” be the man Draven is out to revenge against in the new film? There’s some interesting possibilities there since we know Reedus can play the badass well.

In other news, producers are said to be looking at Twilight actress Kristen Stewart for the part of Draven’s fiance Shelly, but before you start hitting the comment section with your vitriol, it turns out that the Powers that Be have “shied away from the idea after hearing that she wouldn’t attract an audience.” Hm, trying tell that to the millions of people who saw Twilight.

So what do you say, Bastards, is a Reedus enhanced Crow something you want to see?

Source: Schmoes Know

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