Ok, before I get into this, I’d like it clear that I have seen NO verification that what you are about to read is legitimate. All I know is that these pages were originally sent to Bleeding Cool, but who sent them, and what their original source is, I do not know, and was not discussed.

Anyhoo, what we seem to have here is an excerpt from an audition script apparently being used to cast what may be two of Episode VII‘s young leads.

It’s a scene between a “tough girl” and a “snarky guy”. Now keep in mind, even if this is 100% kosher, there is literally NO chance that these lines relate to anything that will actually end up in the movie–or even in the finished script. This includes the character names of “Thomas” and “Rachel”–which might be the names of a PA’s pet chinchillas for all they have to do with the actual film.

Odds are this is just a sample scene put together to see how a pair of young actors play off of each other:

Rachel labors to bear Thomas’s weight as they inch their way down a deserted road, blood dripping from his leg.

He’s trying to stomach an apple

THOMAS (kidding): Can’t you go any faster?

RACHEL: Shut up and eat your apple.

He enjoyed that, but every step is sheer agony on the leg.

RACHEL: There’s a barn a little farther up the road…

A big barn, dark and damp. Rachel covers the floor with hay, then lays out her sleeping bag. Thomas looks through her backpack for anything he can use as a bandage.

RACHEL: You need rest.

She lowers him down – which puts her face mere inches from his open wound. She cringes without meaning to.

THOMAS: Sorry. I know it’s –

RACHEL: It’s fine. I’m just not a big fan of blood.

THOMAS: You know, for such a tough girl, you’re kind of squeamish.

RACHEL: Your fever’s still up. And we have to get some more food in you.

THOMAS: I’m not hungry.

RACHEL: It wasn’t a request.

She sits down next to him and takes out a loaf of bread.

THOMAS: Rachel, thanks for coming to get me.

RACHEL: Family has to stick together, right?

She starts to rise. He grabs her hand, dead serious.

THOMAS: Listen, if I don’t make it –

RACHEL: Sssshh.

THOMAS: But if I don’t…

Before he can finish, she drops down next to him and looks him dead in the eye.

RACHEL: You’re not going to die. I forbid it. Okay?


RACHEL: Get some sleep.

THOMAS: What about you?

RACHEL: I will. In a bit.

Admittedly, this does kinda have the feel of Star Wars dialogue, so it very well could be being used to audition leads on the new film…

Anyhoo, more “news” on the project as it becomes available…and more news debunking the previous news following immediately….

December 2015 can’t come soon enough 😛

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