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Fan-Films, you know you love em. That’s why we know you’re goona freak out over this Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness film from a group of semi-pro filmmakers and fellow geeks who put a ton of time, effort, and love into it. It’s pretty groovy for what it is.

Here’s a plot synopsis: It’s the eve of a zombie outbreak, and Peter Parker finds himself protecting a mysterious bag along with his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Will they survive?

Fan-films can be good, bad, or somewhere in-between. Where does Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness rank? Well, I think it’s important to remember the idea of a fan-film is to pay tribute to the sources that inspired them.

Also, consider that these are fans we’re talking about, people like you and me who went out and DID something creative with their time. You might not want to be so quick to judge. Does that mean that the filmmakers get a pass for anything that missed the mark? Of course not, and overall, the acting and casting choices in this film underwhelmed, aside from the guy who played Ash — he really got into the character.

I did my best to forget about those shortcomings, though, and I did what I do with most fan-films that I watch: I judge them not for their misfires, but praise them for what they got right. What they got right is the look. The film looks great and it came together beautifully. It feels like a Bruce Campbell film (tell me you didn’t fangasm at the 5:51 mark). The editing, characterization, make-up, lighting, etc. — it’s surprisingly well done and solid.

This film was nerd beheld, and bastard approved!

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