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Hello out there in Nerd Reader land.  Once again the lovely Regina will be taking the week off which leaves you in my (capable?) hands as far as The Walking Dead review goes.  And while I’ve really been enjoying the season thus far, this week is when I just had to shrug my shoulders and say to myself “Did I even really need to watch any of that?”  One of the hallmarks of good writing is that every moment is essential, but with two episodes of The Governor wandering about and doing very little, even my patience has worn somewhat thin.  Read on to hear me bitch and moan.

After last week’s long and slowly paced episode, the show returns with… yet another long and slowly paced episode, ‘Dead Weight’.  This time it’s all about The Governor staying put instead of going on the road.  He’s back in a new camp, he has his new wifey and his new little girl and it seems at first as if perhaps our much-loved sociopath has finally found peace of mind.

Yeah, not gonna happen.

Almost as soon as he begins to integrate himself into the new camp, Guvsy starts going all kill-murder on people.  First he takes out his former henchman and then he moves on to the other potential camp leader.  So guess what?  He’s back in charge, only this time nobody knows that he’s completely fkn nuts (well, except for maybe his new henchman).  In fact, they’re all very happy to have someone telling them what to do.

And that is about the gist of the entire episode.  There are some little events in there somewhere, most of them quite forgettable.  A few zombies show up and a few zombies get killed, as usual.  There’s a bit of character interaction, but we don’t know any of these new people that well so there’s no commitment to what happens with them.  In the end, this episode (and the previous) was about The Governor’s journey.

But here’s where the big problem lies – there was no fkn journey.  We think that perhaps the writers might be giving Guvsy a second chance, that maybe he’ll come back from the brink of crazy and decide that he needs to start being a better man.  But nope.  He just goes off the deep end once more, leading us to believe that he has some serious and permanent mental issues, probably genetic.

If they wanted to bring him back to attack the prison once more (as seems to be the case based on the preview for next week’s episode), it would have been a helluva lot easier if they would have just given us a “two months later” moment and then showed Guvs with his new crew.  Instead, we get dragged through what could have been an interesting story arc but was, in reality, little more than an-hour-and-a-half of them setting up for the next confrontation.  And while I enjoyed last week’s episode because of the potential that it introduced into the show, this week tore it all down for me.  Can I go back and retroactively call “bullshit”?

Just one more week before the mid-season finale, folks!  Then we get to wait a couple of months, mouths hooked on whatever cliffhanger they provide.

Will The Governor go crazy and kill all his own people again?  Is that tank gonna run some bitches over?  Is this the set-up to drive Rick and his crew from the prison so they can get on with a different story arc?  And, perhaps most importantly, are the last few episodes going to actually turn out to be significant in some way?

While you wait another seven days for the next installment, take a look at the preview for the mid-season finale, ‘Too Far Gone’.

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