It was only a matter of time once the first George Ramero Zombie classic Night of the Living Dead got the Reboot / Re-telling treatment in 1990 with horror favorite Tom Savini directing. Dawn of the Dead with Vin Rhames was next and now Millenium Films has hired director Mark Tonderai to take on re-vamping the third in the franchise, Day of the Dead.

*Note for those Super-Zombie Ramero fans – I know there were at least two other remake films with the Day of the Dead name and story, but they sucked balls and I refuse to admit them to the circle of Ramero Zombie goodness.

There’s no word yet on who is tackling the scripting chores, and of course no casting has been done, but the production is looking at shooting next summer in 2014. Tonderai is best known as a director for House at the End of the Street. He also co-wrote that script so he’ll most likely have a hand in re-working Day of the Dead as well.

Fans will be looking for a couple of the films classic parts, like the scene with zombie Bub below. and that unforgettable salute. Sherman Howard really took that role to another level. I’d love to see him in this movie in at least a cameo, perhaps in a flashback scene before he became a zombie.

As long as this doesn’t get the Much-Younger-Sexy-Steamy-Cast treatment, I’m all in and ready to give it a chance. As more information makes its way onto the Internet, we’ll bring it to you here.

Via: Deadline

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