I dunno about you, but I HATED Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. From emo skate-boarding Peter Parker (why exactly was he douche rolling on a board when he had Spider powers?), to that one dimensional villain we got with The Lizard (had a striking resemblance to a Mario Bros. Goomba, don’t you think?) and all those loosely scripted moments –  like when Parker threw the football at the goal post and NO ONE batted in eye when it bent in half, or when Gwen Stacy saved the day reversing the Lizard people formula with her high-school education in a rooftop scramble. Ugh, it was bad. Sufficed to say, I’m not exactly thrilled for the sequel. I’m trying to keep my judgement at bay, but it’s tough when I see things like Jamie Foxx as Electro (above). I don’t care if his character design was inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series, he  looks like a smurf mid-coitus! *sigh* I just know I’m going to be face palmed through the whole movie, just like the first one. Ranting aside, I have to get through this article. There’s some things the rest of you may care to know. Namely when you can expect the next trailer, and what other Spidey suit designs you almost got.

Spider-Man 2 Trailer

If you’re just aching for more Amazing Spider-Man 2, a new trailer will debut online December 5. There will also be a sneak on Good Morning America the same day. You’ll then be able to see it in theaters December 13 when The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is released. Be sure to check back here at NerdBastards on the 5th. We’ll have the trailer for you, and I’ll be sure I have someone else writing it.

The one thing about the sequel I’m not shaking fist over, is Spider-Man’s new suit design. Those big eyes, bold Spider symbol on chest and web belt – it’s the most true to comic suit we’ve gotten to date. I’ve very happy with it. Though, I have to call into question the design teams earlier motives. Below are alternative designs (via Film Paint) that were being considered for the sequel. I’m glad they made the right decision to scrap these and go with the more classic suit design, but man, what the hell?




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