The Thing About Those ‘Die Hard 6’ Rumors

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This may come as news to some, but there is no actual Die Hard 6 news to report.

On Wednesday, ran an interview with a man named Ben Trebilcook. In the interview, Trebilcook spoke at length about what his story for Die Hard 6 consisted of, including the return of Zeus Carver, a trip to Tokyo, and a lot of love for the first Die Hard film.

Naturally, several websites ran with this information, bolstered by previous reports (that initially originated from an article on Total Film) that announced that Trebilcook was writing a treatment for Die Hard 6 (which had a working title of Die Hardest) thanks to his connection to A Good Day to Die Hard consulting producer Larry D. Webster, who Trebilcook is working on a Tom Sizemore starring film called Knockout.

Trouble is, those initial reports were almost immediately debunked, with Screen Crush‘s Mike Sampson reporting that Fox executives had told them: “There is no truth to this whatsoever.”

So, what is Trebilcook to the Die Hard franchise?


The WhatCulture interview reveals that he is, quite clearly, a Die Hard super-fan (while also revealing a few other tidbits about Trebilcook’s climb that may strike some as odd), but while Trebilcook has acknowledged on Twitter (in response to Mr. Samson and editor Peter S. Hall, whose site ran an exemplary piece on the WhatCulture interview) that Fox has not hired him to write Die Hard 6, he states: “Someone to do them did. There’s other ways things work in this business”.

Is that someone Webster? Perhaps, but we do not know if he has any actual connection to Die Hard 6 either. As we said, he was a consulting producer on the last Die Hard, but his previous experience comes on the post-production side, which is not usually involved in the recruitment of writers or the development of a script.

So, is this a case of Trebilcook trying to use the internet to talk his dream project and his dream career into existence, or is this just a guy who is really enthusiastic about something he wants to sell to a studio? I have no idea, but with no official connection to either Fox or this project, Trebilcook’s thoughts on Die Hard 6 matter no more than anyone else’s, meaning they shouldn’t be given the weight that comes from wide internet exposure.

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