‘Who’ Christmas Special Title and Poster Revealed

Doctor Who

So now that everyone’s had time to digest the anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor,” we can look ahead with anticipation, and maybe even a little dread, to Matt Smith’s Doctor Who swan song, the forthcoming Christmas special. I guess, the BBC has the same idea because we’ve  been getting a lot of material about the special, first a 10 second teaser, which we shared the other day, and now a poster and a title.

So the title is, “The Time of the Doctor,” which, yeah, shows a general lack of creativity lately in naming episodes; wthe dee’ve had “The Name of the Doctor,” “The Night of the Doctor,” “The Day of the Doctor,” and now “The Time of the Doctor.” What’s more intriguing though is the new image released to promote the “The Time of the Doctor,” which has a number of hints and teases about what surprises the special may hold.

Doctor Who

For instance, you’ll note the re-appearance of the Silence at the left hand side of the poster. Of course the teaser reminded us that “Silence will fall,” but apparently they’ll drop in as well. Also of note is that fact that The Doctor is holding the head of a Cyberman who’s seen better days. We’ve know for a while that the Cybermen will be back in force for the Christmas special, but are they the least of The Dcotor’s concerns this time out?

If that’s not enough, you can see a couple of stone arms reaching out of the snow in the bottom left-hand corner of the poster. Are the Weeping Angels part of the equation too? Are three big bads converging on The Doctor at this “Time of the Doctor,” which looks to be one minute till midnight? And one more thing, is that some kind of scroll that Clara is holding? Or maybe it’s just a Christmas cracker come to think of it, hence the paper crown.

So many delightful hints, but how will the Eleventh Doctor ultimately meets his fate? (His doom?) I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday December 25.

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