Lady Sif Makes Sick Kids’ Day with a Visit


Taking a break from fighting all those Dark Elves, not to mention all those Wonder Woman casting rumors, actress Jaimie Alexander, who plays the Asgardian warrior Lady Sif in the blockbuster Thor: The Dark World, visited a group of ill kids at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Very cute pictures of a Hollywood actress, in costume, posing with some adorable though sadly hospitalized children follows…

So what does an Asgardian goddess do when she’s in a Midgard hospital bringing a bit of happiness to sick kids? Well, she signs DVDs, posters, and other collectibles, pose for pictures and let kids hold her enchanted sword and shield. The only other magical visitor that could possibly be better is Santa Claus, and that’s just because he gives presents too. Marvel posted some photos from the day, but you can click through them for yourself below.

Overall, it looks like the day went better than when another Asgadian god visited with some Earth kids.

Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters, and you can learn more about the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at their official site,


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