When you think of Tarzan, you naturally think of aliens, right? No… you don’t? “There ain’t no martians in Tarzan” you say?  Well you’re right, I checked. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic tale of a boy raised by apes never featured any other worldly elements – well other than the fact that Tarzan was always mysteriously clean shaven. You’d think living in the jungle he’d have some big ol’ “Duck Dynasty” style beard. But I digress…

So if monsters from outer space are absent from Tarzan, then why the fuck is this upcoming CGI project featuring alien tech as its big plot twist? Check out the trailer below and be baffled just like the rest of us.

Tarzan battles corporate thugs and weird alien tech to keep the jungle safe. Wow, what a perfect way to completely ruin a classic. I know one guy who is sure to love the shit out of this…

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 2.05.27 PM

Tarzan Jones and the Crystal Avatar Skull is set to open and close May 2014.


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