Thanksgiving has wrapped up, you’ve said goodbye to all your guests and put those that were in no condition to drive in a cab or in a guest bedroom for the night. You’ve put the last of the left overs in the fridge, but don’t get maudlin about how wrong the day went. You’re not alone. Just look at how things went when the Justice League sat down for a Thanksgiving dinner.

The folks over at The Nerdist put together a look at what Thanksgiving at the Hall of Justice might be like, because heroes have problems just like the rest of us. Some have a lot more problems than the rest of us, yeah, I’m looking at you Batman.

Then Gary Oldman went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show with a message from our English brothers and sisters across the lake.

Epic Meal Time has this massive bacon-wrapped-wonder for us:

Then we’ve got K-Stew to explain what it’s all about. At least what she thinks it’s about . . .

Hope you had a much better day than the other 82% of Facebook posts from grumpy family members that are making the rounds. Chin up, you’ve got 30 days until they ruin Christmas for you!

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