You don’t need to be a film aficionado to have heard of the Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob. Their producer prominence should be common knowledge, but if their names are all you’ve heard, then just picture two comically fat business-type, cigar chomping, Hollywood hierarchs who are responsible for signing, sealing and delivering the motion pictures we love. These studio sovereigns have made possible such classic films as Clerks, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Artist, The Kings Speech and many others.

Ever pursuing their quest to broaden their riches, the brothers Weinstein are looking to take two popular properties, Sin City and The Mist, to the television marketplace for proposed series.

Harvey Weinstein has stated that television is the currency of the present and future. ”The way to add stability to the company is to be in the television business,” he recently told the New York Times, elaborating that he wants a TV division “as powerful as the theatrical division.” With the huge piles of money needed to fund movies these days, it only makes sense that Hollywood is seeing TV as a more viable alternative when it comes to marketing a property.  The potential for keeping a series going via multiple seasons and spin-offs is pretty tempting to both the writers that want to see their stories told to completion and producers that want to keep raking in the bucks without having to think up something new.

Some of the potential shows from Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein (the latter working from the Dimension library) include, as mentioned to the New York Times:

– 10-espisode The Mist show, with involvement from Frank Darabont.
– Sin City TV series, designed to quickly follow the theatrical sequel, with involvement from Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.
– Silver Linings Playbook show, with involvement from August: Osage County creator Tracy Letts.
– 10-episode 10 Commandments series, with Lee Daniels, Madonna, Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) and Wes Craven mentioned as possible directors.
– 10-episode detective drama set in ancient Egypt called Book of the Dead.
– Marco Polo, a “martial arts-filled adventure series” for Netflix.
– 14- episode War and Peace adaptation.
– BBC show Stan and Ollie, focusing on the Laurel and Hardy towards the end of their careers.
– An “Entourage-like” comedy “based loosely on the adventures of the celebrity chef Michael Chiarello.”

I dunno about the rest of those shows, but I guess they sound promising enough. In regards to Sin City, however,  it’s perfect for a television show. It would have to be on a premium channel (HBO, Showtime etc.) though, otherwise it would have to be toned down, which would be a shame. If done right and without the restrictions of network TV, it could work. Oh, and Frank Miller – the creator of Sin City – would have to be heavily involved.

Sin City: A Dame To Die For is set for a August 22, 2014 release. Any further onscreen Sin City offerings will most likely depend on this sequel’s success. In other words, time will tell.

Source: SlashFilm

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