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Above: Man, when Spider-Man says he loves America, he really loves America. [Derplodge via Nerd Approved]


Anyone can cosplay as The Joker, either male or female, but only a select few have that crazy look in their eyes. You’re not sure whether they’re going to throw a pie in your face, or a knife. Desiree gets it, and I hear her photography is still, mysteriously, M.I.A. [Fashionably Geek]

kidsthesedaysNo matter what generation, you can’t have a proper Christmas wish list without the puppy. I’m also wondering why this kid didn’t just email Santa? Does he really expect that old man to manually input all those URLs!? [Geeks Are Sexy]


Look out, there’s a purveyor of geeky fashion: Gold Bubble Clothing. Already they’re proving they know their audiences well with these Corellian bloodstripe leggings. Yes, now you too can rock the look just like Han Solo! These are limited item so order now! [Fashionably Geek]


So, you think Robin’s a wuss, do ya? Yeah… say it to his face why don’t ya. Cosplayer Michael Hamm is easily the most badass looking Robin I’ve ever seen. Photography by Eden M. Rodriguez Photography, see more at Geeks Are Sexy.

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Head on over to Dorkly to discover what kind of Who fan you are. Me? I’m combination of Classic Who fan mixed with healthy doses of Eccelston, Tennat, Smith fangirl. Oh! And I’m not quite a Capaldi convert, but I do love seeing The Doctor say “fuckwad.”


Want to watch Seattle-based video game animator Aung Zaw Oo (AZO) perform a variety of sweet tricks and stunts? Of course you do, so enjoy his latest showreel. There’s also bloopers! [Laughing Squid]

R2-D2 can be my co-pilot anyday. It’s only a bonus he’s a USB charger that fits in a cup holder. [Laughing Squid]

It’s that time of year! Are you ready to begin revisiting your favorite holiday films? Surely, Home Alone is on someone’s list, but now that Screen Junkies have given it the Honest Trailer treatment can you look at it the same way? [Neatorama]


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