Ben Affleck, a successful actor/writer/director, has had to endure a lot of shit from audiences over the years. No one cares whether his films are successful or not, or that the guys won two Oscars; the public just loves to hate on Affleck. It’s unsurprising then, when the announcement came Affleck would put on the cowl for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel follow-up, Batman vs. Superman, no one was pleased. And in a recent interview with Playboy, Affleck admits were he us, he’d be just as upset.

In fact, Affleck told Playboy (as transcribed by Latino Review) he initially refused the role,

When they asked if I would be Batman, I told them I don’t see myself in the role and I was going to have to beg off. They said I’d fit well into how they were going to approach the character and asked me to look at what the writer-director, Zack Snyder, was doing. The stuff was incredible.

It was a unique take on Batman that was still consistent with the mythology. It made me excited. All of a sudden I had a reading of the character. When people see it, it will make more sense than it does now or even than it did to me initially.

Affleck’s initial reluctance stems from an earlier superhero movie he made, Daredevil. Remember that pile of steaming crap? Yeah, so does Affleck,

The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got fucked up the way it did stays with me. Maybe that’s part of the motivation to do Batman.

I understand I’m at a disadvantage with the internet. If I thought the result would be another Daredevil, I’d be out there picketing myself. [laughs] Why would I make the movie if I didn’t think it was going to be good and that I can be good in it?

Hopefully his optimism pays off, and what he says of Snyder’s version of Batman being truly unique. He teases a little of what we can expect from his Bats, and assures fans he won’t be imitating Christian Bale’s Dark Knight,

I don’t want to give away too much, but the idea for the new Batman is to redefine him in a way that doesn’t compete with the Bale and Chris Nolan Batman but still exists within the Batman canon. It will be an older and wiser version, particularly as he relates to Henry Cavill’s Superman character.

I don’t know where you guys come down on Batfleck, but I’m still struggling to see Affleck in the role. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and believe he has learned from past mishaps, like Daredevil. I  appreciate his candidness in this interview, especially, but whether he’ll be a memorable or mock-able Batman waits to be seen.

What will it take for Affleck to convince you he’s the right guy to play opposite Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel sequel?

Source: Latino Review via /Film

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