Months ago, Katee Sackhoff was on the Schmoes Know podcast and was cornered into giving an awkward answer that may have revealed she’d been talking with Marvel about a role in their Avengers franchise. A week later she denied ever having said anything about talking with Marvel, but hey, go give a listen for yourself. She clearly mentions something about Marvel, and it isn’t an emphatic “no”. Now, the Battlestar Galatica star has tweeted something very evasive about upcoming “surprises”. Hmm… What could it be!?

She outright tells us it’s nothing to do with Star Wars: Episode VII, another ongoing internet rumor, but what of a role in a Marvel film? Specifically as Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers? I’ve pointed out before what a dead ringer Sackhoff is for Danvers, and with a history of playing tough, no nonsense ladies she’s already got a resume filled with Captain Marvel-esque characters. She’d be perfect!


Come on! Just try and convince me otherwise!

Could this be the mysterious news Sackhoff is teasing on Twitter? Could she be Marvel’s cinematic Captain Marvel? (Oh please, oh please, oh please!)

Source: The Mary Sue

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