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ABOVE: Who needs the traditional gingerbread train when you can have a gingerbread Winnebago meth lab from the bakers at Sugar Plum Cake Shop? I love the giant bag of meth… I also love how Walt and Jesse seem so happy as gingerbread men, although, things were a lot simpler for them when they were cooking out of the RV. [Technabob


Because everyone needs a T-Rex ornament on their tree you should hop on over to Ideeli (I know, weird place for something like this, right?) and get this little bronze ornament. I just realized something really depressing. We already know that a T-Rex can’t hug. He can’t make a bed… he also can’t decorate a tree. I guess if he carefully put the ornaments on with his gigantic mouth he could, but that would just be awkward.

TARDIS doily

Every week, I go on Etsy and I look up the most expensive items in the “Geekery” category. I pick the weirdest/coolest ones to feature on here. I have to tell you, that I although this is pretty cool… I mean, really, the detail is amazing, I don’t think I would have featured it if it wasn’t $700. Yes, I said $700 for a doily. This is seriously beautiful and I can’t imagine how long it took Etsy seller Dorothy Rose to make this, but $700 is way too rich for this nerdy girl’s blood.

MiT cosplay

Well this is something you don’t see everyday! Men (manly men!) in Tights cosplay! [Fashionably Geek]


I just want to remind all of you that it is the most wonderful time of the year to make a Boba Fett snowflake. [Laughing Squid]

tetris friends

Aw, Safely Endangered reminds us that friends come in all shapes and sizes and that there will always be awesome people out there who are just as weird as you are and want to be your friend. [Geeks Are Sexy]

hogwarts christmas cake topper

This super intricate diorama of Hogwarts at Christmas was made out of food! It’s part of a cake topper designed by MimiCafe Union for the Bake a Christmas Wish project. There is is so much detail in here, it is unreal! There’s even a little fireplace! [Between the Pages]

straight outta gotham

If you aren’t following Girl Gone Geek‘s Tumblr ‘Straight Outta Gotham‘ you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s the place where geek culture and hip-hop collide. It’s kind of amazing. There’s also a Spotify playlist so you can listen to all of the songs featured on the blog.

chainmaille chess

There’s hardly anything more iconically nerdy than playing chess. This chainmaille chess set weighs over 3 pounds, but the board rolls up for easy travel. Each chess piece is made with a marble at the center and then wrapped in chainmaille. The piece designs are sort of rough, but that really only adds to the cool feel of this set. It’s available on Etsy.

GoT Tarot

Artist Maryon B. is working on a Game of Thrones tarot deck! She’s only created these six cards so far. I really hope she finishes it. There are a lot of nerdy tarot deck collectors out there who would love to have something like this (like myself).

In a serious stroke of genius, James Covenant spliced together various scenes from TNG to create Captain Picard’s very own version of ‘Let it Snow,’ appropriately retitled ‘Make it So.’ The video serves as a lead-in to a commercial for James’ new video game, which looks pretty cool too. [Geeks Are Sexy]

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ornamental nightmare

grand theft tardis

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