X-Force_Rob-LiefeldWe’ve know since the summer that writer/director Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) would be the one responsible for bringing the early 90’s mutant team X-Force to the big screen for FOX and we have a bit of an update on the project by way of twitter. Comic book artist/writer/dungaree model Rob Liefeld, the very man who created the team and its two stand out members Cable and Deadpool, took to the social network to tweet the praises of what Wadlow has done so far.






I guess we can take that as confirmation that both Cable and Deadpool are in it (well in this draft at least,) but would it have been so terrible of him to give a couple of  hints on who else made it to the page? After all it is a Marvel mutant movie and all the X-books have all had massively revolving rosters. Waldow has previously stated that the movie would feature six characters, and with Liefeld saying that it will  ‘please/appeal to fans of all eras,’ those four remaining spots could be just about anyone. It would also be nice to know how/if X-Force ties into next years X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Since the movie is set for a 2016 release we’ve got a lot of time to wait before any real concrete news hits, but I am sure Liefeld will keep us posted every step of the way via his twitter account.

Please note: I made it through all 400 words without making one ‘tiny feet’ reference. See? I am growing as a person.


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