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ABOVE: This is Brooklyn Typhoon, one of the cooler Jaegers to join up and defend the world against the Kaiju in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Now here’s a cosplay of the 3 armed monster killin’ machine. Nerds gotta protect their virginity somehow. This guy is canceling the coitus apocalypse! [FashionablyGeek]


This fugly facehugger cold cast bronze light switchplate is perfect for cold dark basements. When you shut the lights off down there, no one care here you scream. My wife mostly sends me down there at night, mostly. [Afterlight Sculpture]


At $17,500, this Batman Tumbler golf cart is not the method of transportation you need right now. [GeekTyrant]

By the beard of Zeus, Ron Burgundy has his own brand of Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch coming out. [Cool Material]

Star Trek Spock Crew Sock with Ears

These Spock socks with Vulcan ears are highly illogical, but dammit Jim, my feets are cold! [7 Gadgets]


Cheetara, Black Cat and Aquwoman are just a sampling of Kristen Hughey’s many cosplays. Never have the balls to talk to her in person? That’s OK, you can by art prints of her cosplays on her website and carry on with your make believe relationship. Just don’t cut any weird sex slits on the photopaper A) that’s gross and B) nobody wants a papercut. [KristenHughey]

Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody. What the hell is a Bohemian anyway? Is it that long snouted alien in the bar scene?[ToplessRobot]

Well this will make you smile: Street Fighter’s Chun-Li shutting down some hoes. Chun-Li has a grudge against girls more attractive than her. She hates those who strut. Jealousy makes her furious! [Geekologie]

This hilarious video from Pete Holmes has Professor X firing Nightcrawler from the team. His teleport abilities make him one of the most useful of X-Men, but fuck it… he’s gross and smells really bad.   [NerdApproved]

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