The full Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer debuted today and director Marc Webb doesn’t seem to be holding much back. While other films at least attempt to keep some surprises for as long as possible, Webb shows a lot of his cards front and center.

We’ve already touched upon Rhino’s new look HERE, but did you catch the easter eggs at the 1:15 mark in the trailer?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Easter Eggs

We clearly see what look like Doctor Octopus’ mechanical arms in one lab container and Vulture’s wings in another. Raising the ante a bit, Screen Crush claims that these images are from the film’s post-credits scene and that we’ll also see the Venom symbiote.

It certainly seems like we’re heading for the Sinister Six to make their big screen jump soon. Rhino — check. Electro — check. Doctor Octopus, Vulture and Venom — check. We all know where Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn is going, but will it be in Spider-Man 3 or will we see these villains in their own feature? Don’t forget that Sony recently promised spin-off movies set within this universe.

Here’s hoping we get cameos for Otto Octavius, Adrian Toomes and maybe even Eddie Brock when the movie finally comes out. We know Colm Feore and BJ Novak are making appearances in Spider-man 2, but we really don’t know who they’re playing yet. Let the speculation continue until the movie hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

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