It was quite the bombshell (in nerd terms) when it was announced yesterday that 20th Century Fox would be releasing another X-Men film so fast on the heels of next summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it will be called X-Men: Apocalypse. So that was huge, but what can we gather now in terms of details about what this new film project will look like? One of our fellow nerd news websites thinks that they know they answer.

According to Bleeding Cool, X-Men: Apocalypse will have “a clear narrative thread that will string the two pictures together, and the character of Apocalypse is a good part of how this will work.”

In other words, Apocalypse will pick up where Days of Future Past leaves off, and like Days it will feature X-Men from all generations: past, present and future. “[It’s] a direct continuation, a next chapter that picks up the status quo at the end of Days and carries on developing it.”

So there’s nothing too spoilery there, but then again the film that precedes this proposed sequel doesn’t even come out for another six months. I can deduce that if we’re getting Apocalypse then maybe we’re also getting Cable, especially if time travel’s going to play a part. Mr. Sinister also has a connection to Apocalypse, and if we’re getting all that, then might I suggest a resurrection (or return) for Cyclops? He really deserves to get some love from the filmmakers after being shafted in every X-Men movie he’s appeared in so far.

More news as this story develops.

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