Most of you out there probably know the name of Jon Favreau.  He did, after all, direct the first two Iron Man flicks.  Pretty much all of you have heard of that television station known as MTV – you know, the one that used to play music videos but now relegates itself to pretty much nothing but reality TV and booty-bash beach shows.  Some of you have probably even heard of Terry Brooks and are familiar with his Shannara Trilogy.  But what do all of these things have in common?

In what has to be one of the most confusing pieces of news I’ve heard in many months, it appears that Favreau will be putting together (AKA directing) a pilot for a Shannara television series.  Stranger yet, they’re looking at MTV to host the show.  To make it even odder, they’ll be starting with the second book in the series to introduce the show.

Adding to the team of Favreau and MTV will be Smallville veterans Al Gough and Miles Millar in the scripting department with Dan Farah and none-other-than Terry Brooks himself acting as executive producers.  So at least there’s a little talent coming in here.

Still, I wonder at why on Earth they would choose MTV as a place to air this?  Is the former-music-television station mutating even further and I’m just out of the loop?  Is there anyone else out there feeling very confused right now?  And would you tune in to see Shannara brought to the small screen with this team involved?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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