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ABOVE: LEGOManiac Chris McVeigh  will help your holidays be merry and bright, for he lists illustrated instructions on how to construct your own nerdy Christmas ornaments out of LEGO. Make sure you put em’ on the tree or someplace high. Else you might make the naughty list if Santa finds himself steppin’ on a LEGO TARDIS.   [Geekologie]


Bikini Harley Quinn and Mistah J go to the beach. Feel free to insert your own witty comment. I’m busy doing other things… [FashionablyGeek]


This stylish Batman logo leggins won’t help you save Gotham City, but you’ll look fabulous doing it. [ThinkGeek]

Lego Wayne Manor

If this Wayne Manor LEGO set gets 10,000 thumbs up on Lego Cuusoo, then LEGO will consider making it for realsies. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Shut up and take my money!” [Slashfilm]

Screen Junkies, the folks behind the “Honest Trailers” series, has taken every single stare in all 5 of the Twilight films and edited them together in chronological order. Don’t stare too long at this or you’ll go blind. [Screen Junkies]

A knight, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman and the “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hard crash couple’s wedding. Well clearly this was the best ceremony of all time. Much better than that Stark/Frey wedding I attended in Westeros, that was just a blood bath.   [Neatorama]

Doctor Who – Take On Me. I dunno what’s worse – The level of Whovian feels I’m feeling right now, or my sudden craving for 80s music. [TheFlixx]

Fucking Gordon Ramsay meets the fucking The Swedish Chef. Fucking watch it, you fucking fuck. [BuzzFeed]

Professor X (ala the Pete Holmes show) has been on a firing spree lately, this time he gives Rogue the pink slip. Because having an unintentional energy vampire just going around and touching shit is not going to work. [LS]

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