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Comedian Pete Holmes has a talk/skit show on TBS aptly named “The Pete Holmes Show”. A show, which I’m not entirely show anyone watches. But that’s besides the point. Holmes has won the Internet with his series of X-Men inspired skits where Professor X scales back his team of super powered mutants by firing them for their uselessness and weirdness.

Wolverine, Gambit, Angel, Iceman, Jubilee, Rogue, Nightcrawler and Storm have all been shit canned so far.  Oh, it doesn’t matter that some of these team members are actually some of the most powerful, the economy tanked so hard even the X-men are getting laid off. Check out the firings in the video collection below:

Ex-Men: Wolverine

Ex-Men: Gambit

Ex-Men: Angel

Ex-Men: Iceman

Ex-Men: Jubilee

Ex-Men: Nightcrawler

Ex-Men: Rogue

Ex-Men: Storm

Who knew Prof X was such a jerk in private? I could understand Jubilee and Angel being given the bird, but even omega level mutants are treated like shit. I see Professor X meeting a staircase in the near future.

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