While we are still sitting pretty thin on facts from the forthcoming sequel to Man of Steel (just minor things like… oh the freakin name of the movie,) there certainly isn’t any shortage of casting rumors. Yes, just when you thought we could go a day without one, another name is tossed into the ever growing list of possible additions to the cast. The Hollywood Report is living up to its name by reporting that a Hollywood insider claims that Jason Momoa is in talks to join Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and the rest in the Zack Snyder directed film and you’ll never guess who they say he’ll be playing.doomsday
Yep, the guy who was unforgettable in Game of Thrones and unfortunately in that Conan reboot could end up playing one of the most impressive Superman villains ever. The alien threat known as Doomsday.

Or… he might be this guy:


The alien hero and Oreo Choco cookie addict, J’onn J’onzz The Martian Manhunter.

Citing the super-secrecy surrounding the project as to why it is unknown if Momoa is playing a cameo as a hero or as the movies big bad, the source offered very little else to work with here.

I am not going to lie, Momoa would make a pretty cool Martian Manhunter in my humble opinion and the notion of Doomsday being in the movie is something I am a little sour on. There are so many other choices (Braniac, damn it) among Supes’ varied villains before hauling out old spikey shoulders there.

As with all previous rumors, we can just wait on this one and see what happens (remember, Gal Gadot was once just a rumor too before becoming endless twitter fodder.) Till then, how about just take it as said that every actor ever is being sought for every character ever, at the rate these rumors keeping happening it might save us some time. It is interesting that all of these rumors seem to point to many (future?) Justice Leaguers making an appearance in the movie. That could either be awesome and exactly how DC/WB should jumpstart their cinematic universe or something completely disastrous and confusing, completely derailing their plans.

Again, we just have to wait and see.

Besides, John Leguizamo is going to be great as Vibe…


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