Some, myself included, don’t consider The Amazing Spider-Man franchise all that necessary, especially when you consider there’s only five years between Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 and Sony‘s reboot. As for the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield, he was a welcomed addition to the franchise, but even he won’t be around forever. Just recently Garfield made some comments about being contracted through the third Amazing Spider-Man flick, but for nothing beyond that.

To Yahoo, Garfield clarified,

I mean I’m under contract for another one after [The Amazing Spider-Man 2]… as far as a fourth one? That’s not anything to do with me, but yeah, I think what we’re doing here is we’ve established the world. And now we get to really play inside that world.

He goes on to discuss how they’ve expanded Spider-Man’s world for the second film, adding,

I think there was something missing in the first one because our focus wasn’t on character as much we were trying to keep a number of plates spinning in the air – How can we reintroduce the character? How do we not upset this guy or this guy? That was a tough wasteland we had to move through. Now we could say, ‘who is this guy?’ How can we best serve Spider-Man?’

Honestly, why the question, “How can we best serve Spider-Man?” wasn’t at the heart of the first film confuses me. Shouldn’t that always be a key component of any Spider-Man film? Whatever, The Amazing Spider-Man was an entertaining set-up for a promising new Spider-Man franchise, I won’t harp on that too much.

Knowing Sony has its cold, mechanical, corporation heart set on a fourth Amazing Spider-Man movie but hasn’t signed Garfield is even more confusing. Don’t they find him as excellent a fit for Parker as we do? Are they intending Parker to pass on the Spider-Man mantle after the third film? That’d be rad, especially if they turned to a character like Miles Morales. How cool would it be if Sony had the balls to give us a non-white Spider-Man on the big screen?

What do guys think of this perplexing development? Has Sony just not gotten around to signing Garfield for a fourth film or are there bigger plans at work?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases May 2, 2014. If you haven’t yet, check out the latest trailer!

Source: Yahoo via Coming Soon

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