There’s a new teaser trailer out for the live action adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki‘s classic anime Kiki’s Delivery Service. Although it is worrisome that Studio Ghibli isn’t affiliated with the film, perhaps this first look might relieve some fans worries.There’s no translated or subtitled version out yet, but as many anime fans know, some times that’s a good thing. I watched Akira for years without a complete translation and had a lot more fun trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

We get to see how the flying broom will look on the big screen and quick looks at the supporting cast of characters.

Fūka Koshiba is the title witch girl Kiki

Ryōhei Hirota is Kiki’s friend Tombo

Machiko Ono as Osono, the owner of the bakery where Kiki works.

Hiroshi Yamamoto plays Osono’s baker husband Fukuo.

Miho Kanazawa plays a woman named Saki who visits the bakery.

Rie Miyazawa plays Kiki’s mother Kokiri,

Michitaka Tsutsui plays Kiki’s father Okino.

Tadanobu Asano will play veterinarian Dr. Ishi.

The movie will debut in Japan March 1st, 2014 and hardcore fans will most likely pirate the crap out of it until there’s a release in the states a year or so later.

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