As movie nerds, I think we all have a perverse fascination with Superman Lives, the woulda/coulda/shoulda Man of Steel movie that was once meant to be made by Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage. Maybe it was the burgeoning internet film culture of the time, or maybe it was Kevin Smith‘s hilarious remembrances of his time on the project, or maybe it’s been the leaks of concept art and other details in the intervening 15 years, but we all have a morbid curiosity about the project. I’m not sure if Cage, the film’s would have been star, has ever commented before about Superman Lives, but he has something to say about it now in a new interview with Metro, and to sum up his thoughts, Warner Bros just wasn’t ready for the “mind-blowing experience” the movie would have been.

Here’s the pertinent excerpt from Cage’s interview:

“Look, I’m not going to be one of these guys that’s going to be, like, lamenting things. But is Tim Burton one of my favorite directors? Yes. Did I see some of the drawings of where he wanted to go? Yes. And I will tell you, they were fantastic and it would have been a mind-blowing experience. Did I have a concept of how to play the character? Yes, and I can tell you it would have been gutsy. So maybe Warner Brothers got scared because they had two artists that weren’t afraid to take chances.”

He’s right, of course. Except that the thing they were afraid to take chances on was the Tommy Wiseau Superman above, and whatever this is below:


I think the right choice was made.

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