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Scott Snyder dropped a big Bat-surprise this morning on Twitter. The Batman writer revealed that the finale to the Zero Year: Dark City storyline will be delayed one month and one issue. There won’t however, be a gap for readers waiting to see how the second chapter of Zero Year concludes.

 Rather than fill the hole with a throwaway inventory issue, Batman #28 (currently scheduled for release on 2/12/2014) will now be drawn by Dustin Nguyen with James Tynion assisting Snyder on writing chores. It will be a “total spoiler issue”, a one-and-done story giving a glimpse of Gotham City six-months ahead of current DC continuity. The issue will also touch on the future status quo of Batman Eternal, the new weekly series launching in spring.
Presumably, the Bat-series will all spend the rest of 2014 showing readers how we got the Gotham City shown in Batman #28.

Snyder explains that the whole concept came about as he realized how “cramped” the finale issue was becoming. Rather than force extra pages onto artist Greg Capullo around the holidays, Snyder put the idea of the “special thank you issue” into motion.


A few minutes after breaking the news, Snyder also posted the first concept art image for the new Batman #28 but so far, he hasn’t actually addressed the solution to the issue feeling cramped. I would imagine that there will indeed be extra pages when the issue finally comes out in March.

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