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Yes, the horrifying tragedy that was the original World War Z has, due to raking in big piles of cash, spawned a sequel.  And while the first movie had nothing to do with the book, the second will… wait, no, that’s wrong.  Chances are it will, just like its predecessor, have nothing at all to do with the book.  Though we know nothing of what crap they’ll fling our way this time, we do at least now know who will be putting their name to this pseudo-zombie flick – Juan Antonio Bayona.

You may be asking yourself right now “Who the hell is this guy?” and I’m afraid I can’t give you much of answer there.  The majority of his career consists of movies with names that I can’t properly pronounce (I never did well in 9th-grade Spanish).  The few I have sort-of heard of consist of The Orphanage and The Impossible, both fairly well-reviewed flicks and both capturing a piece of the genre that is World War Z (one being a horror movie and the other a disaster film).  So at the very least, Bayona seems like the right candidate.

Of course, the first flick was so over-the-top ridiculous and blatantly offensive to the zombie genre of movies it will be a miracle if Bayona can do anything more interesting with it than creating another Bay-esque FX-fest.  At the very least I hope he tones down the presence of Olympic gymnastics within the film.  Pseudo-zombie acrobats, speed-climbers and long-jumpers made the first movie unwatchable.  Maybe they can bring this one to a tepid “mediocre”.

Then again, Brad Pitt is still in charge of production, so maybe not.

What think you, Nerd Readers?  Can Bayona make another giant pile of money for Paramount?  Should they kill this series before it breeds?  Is there anyone out there that actually thought World War Z was a decent entry into the genre?


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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