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Last week was the big premiere of the first Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer. We’ve all seen plenty of screen shots at this point, but finally we have something that’s actually moving around to look at. What’s more, it appears that the makers of the new flick have given us an Easter egg to look for in the trailer as well. The folks over at SuperHeroHype found something interesting lurking in the background.

So if you look at the picture above, there’s a hidden website address. It’s a pain in the ass to see unless you actually watch the trailer in HD and pause it at the 2:06-2:07 mark, but the lit beam to the right of Electro’s nugget has ElectroArrives.com plastered across it. The website isn’t much to look at, just a pic of Harry Osborn staring at a computer screen, on which there’s what seems to be the Electro-spawning chamber.

There’s also a ticking clock on the site, counting down to 10:00 PM on New Year’s Eve. Since Spider-Man is supposed to be showing up to watch the ball drop in New York’s Times Square, it’s pretty much a given that studio is planning something bigger than just a meet-and-greet.

If you haven’t already seen it (or want to spot the Easter egg for yourself), check out the trailer for the new Spidey flick below:


Thanks to SuperHeroHype for the keen eye.

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