Last week Bryan Singer caused quite the stir when he announced via Twitter the next X-Men film would be X-Men: Apocalypse, expected in 2016. Since then a few more details have been released, like Singer confirming the First Class cast would return for Apocalypse. And it turns out James McAvoy learned of this no sooner than we did.

I only heard about it this morning!” the actor told Red Carpet News of the Apocalypse announcement. He also confirmed with them that he’s in contract to play Xavier again, presumably in Apocalypse.

Red Carpet News caught up with McAvoy after he accepted his Best Actor award for Filth at the British Independent Film Awards. Videos of their interviews with McAvoy are available here and here.

In addition to basically letting everyone know he’ll be back as Xavier in 2016, McAvoy also mentioned reinventing Xavier for Days of Future Past,

The personal pleasure for me in First Class was presenting a Charles Xavier to the fans, but also a new audience, who’s very different from the Charles that you expected. But he was still very sort of ‘Everything’s going good!’ In the second movie I get to present another version of Charles Xavier who’s still very different from the Charles that used to exist, but he’s also remarkably different from the Charles in First Class as well. So what’s great is that even though it’s a sequel, even though it’s a franchise, I keep getting to reinvent Charles Xavier and that’s amazing. I’ve got to do it twice now, because the Charles in this film is unrecognizable from the Charles in the last film as well unrecognizable from the Charles played by Patrick Stewart, who I then get to face up to. That’s sort of theatrical almost, it’s like we’re playing a game with the audience saying ‘Look at the many faces of Charles-Patrick-Stewart-Xavier-McAvoy. It’s really good fun.

Giving actors the opportunity to play with their characters, to get the chance to keep reinventing themselves must be key to why such great actors keep coming back for these X-Men movies. FOX, you’re doing it right. I can’t wait to see what McAvoy, as well as Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and the rest of the First Class bring to this sequel. Plus, seeing them interact with the likes of Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Hugh Jackman? DOFP will be such a treat! (Assuming, of course, it isn’t a huge clusterfuck of mutants and confusion, which is entirely a possibility. This is an X-Men movies after all.)

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases May 23, 2014. Are you looking forward to this one? Or are you dreading it’ll turn into another X3?

Source: RCN via Superhero Hype


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