New Trailer Promises Epic Return of Classic ‘Community’


“Ass-crack Bandit?” “Chair walkers?” “Benjamin Franklin Chang?” “All hail, Britta?!?!” Has the world gone topsy-turvy or does it look like Community’s back in fine (Dan Harmon-shaped) form for season five? Following up on a teaser released earlier this week (which I couldn’t see because I live in Canada. Thanks NBC.) comes a trailer epic enough for fandom on the eve of the release of the new Hobbit movie. #sixseasonsandamovie never seemed so plausible.

Roll tape below on what maybe be the biggest “Return” since “…of the King.”

Excited yet? Critics who have seen the premiere episode, like Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall are giving Dan Harmon’s triumphant return to the series he created a big thumbs up. I’ve gotta say there’s a lot here that gets me excited: Troy’s self-referential Zach Braff slam, Walton Goggins administering a lie detector test, and remembrances of that time Greendale protested the wrong Korea. Let the 2.0 version of the Gold Age begin.

Community returns to the NBC line-up with an one hour episode on January 2nd.

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