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Back in June, Shannon Richardson–known then for small roles on The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries–but destined to go down in history as a crazed right-wing nutjob was arrested for allegedly sending letters laced with the toxin ricin to President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

We now have word that she has plead guilty–and, under the terms of her plea bargain, will serve a maximum of 18 years in Federal prison.

My favorite part is Richardson was NOT nabbed after a careful CSI-type analysis of the wacko letters she sent…No, apparently she CALLED the FBI and accused her husband, Nathan Richardson, of the very crime she would soon be arrested for.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Mrs. Richardson that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has this habit of, y’know, INVESTIGATING things–like possible attempts on the President’s life, stuff like that….

Richardson’s love letter to the POTUS read in part:

What’s in this letter is nothing compared to what ive got in store for you mr president. You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns. Anyone wants to come to my house will get shot in the face.

Her message to Mayor Bloomberg was essentially the same, with the addition of:

The right to bear arms is my constitutional God given right and I will exercise that right till the day I die.

(Why a woman in Texas is worried about the mayor of New York City’s stance on gun control is beyond my comprehension–and let’s not even discuss the thorny issue of including “Constitutional” and “God Given” in the same sentence.)

So, you can see my use of the term “right-wing nutjob” was not mere hyperbole.

When you send poison-laced letters to the President DARING him to come and “get my guns”, and telling him you would rather see your children dead than hand your weapons over….well, I think “right-wing nutjob” is the kindest descriptor one could apply to you.

Richardson has admitted to sending the letters, and ordering the materials used in manufacturing the ricin they were infused with. As part of her plea agreement, she has agreed to assist authorities and name any possible accomplices–though no co-conspirators have been charged as of yet.

Unsurprisingly, Nathan Richardson has filed for divorce and been granted custody of their newborn son–with any luck, he’ll end up with full custody of all six of their children.

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