The hunt for Terminator: Genesis‘ Sarah Connor is over. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), the Kalessi herself, will take on the role as the soon to be tough-as-nails mother of mankind’s savior, John Conner.

Word last week was that the Sarah Connor list was down to Brie Larson and Clarke. The Internet was ablaze with speculation on who director Alan Taylor would choose for the role. Normally the rumor mill would turn to the question of who will play the role of John Connor, but Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty), no relation to Emilia, is currently in negotiations to lock down the role.


That leaves the role of Kyle Reese that last major piece of the Terminator puzzle. Who might be called on to play the father of John Connor? Wait, will he still be John Connor’s father in this reboot? Or is it a reboot? Who the hell knows when it comes to movies that are based on time travel. It gets pretty confusing pretty quickly.

What the storyline for the script will be is another question that many Terminator fans are wondering about. There are whispers around the Internet that the story will involve a trip FORWARD into the future this time around. That makes a lot of sense considering the casting choices made so far.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as the Terminator model . . . although if it will really be him or another CGI Arnold is still unclear.

What do you think about this casting news and who might land the Kyle Reese role?

Via: Deadline

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